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Shayne McCoy Hollander, Founder

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About Hollander McCoy

Hi, I'm Shayne McCoy Hollander, founder of Hollander McCoy.

For me, the world of fine jewelry has been a lifelong passion. From an early adolescence donning the classic Audrey Hepburn pearls, to my impressionable teenage years spent sporting the chunky chain link Tiffany necklace, jewelry has always been my primary proxy of personal expression. 

Of course in those formative years, we all just want to fit in. Then as we grow into ourselves, we want to stand out. We seek the unique. We find and value the things that truly feel like us…regardless of fleeting trends. And while my aesthetic tastes have evolved, one thing has remained the same: 

My unconditional love and appreciation for fine jewelry.

Now in my late 30s, I feel the same childlike sense of wonder wandering the floor at trade shows as I did digging through my mother’s jewelry box as a child. I’ll stop by my favorite designers’ exhibitions - the people who have become like family to me. Then I’ll head over to the new designer showcases to take in all the fresh design perspectives and swap business cards with the stand-outs. I always leave feeling inspired and my favorites are often the chosen few you’ll see featured for purchase in my Designer Vault.

While my foundational education was formed at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the last decade of direct industry experience has been my greatest teacher. I’ve been to countless trade shows, connected with hundreds of designers, and seen thousands of fine jewelry pieces and loose stones. My mind is an ever-expanding repository of all the knowledge I’ve gained through experience and exposure - which not only benefits my customers, but allows me to remain a lifelong student of this industry I love. 

My Why

Being deeply immersed in the world of fine jewelry for the last decade and a half has enabled me to hone my craft and sharpen my already-discerning eye for quality. But time has also revealed to me the biggest problem with this industry…

The traditional jewelry-purchasing process is unnecessarily stressful, complicated and often over-priced. 

As is true in many industries, there are several supply chain middlemen that the average consumer isn’t even aware of. The price you end up paying does not solely reflect the quality of that piece, but also includes every cut taken from each hand it passes through before landing in yours. However, that’s not my process.

I want to bring clarity and transparency to the process of purchasing fine jewelry.

We know there are a handful of big box brands that most people default to simply because of the brand recognition - where you pay dearly for the marketing and packaging while not winning many points for originality. Most people don’t bother to look for the more consultative, cost-effective alternative of jewelry curation/customization. Which is why I’m so grateful you’re not most people. And I know that’s true because you’re here. 

To me, the difference between trendy jewelry and custom pieces is revealed through time…

The trend is the shiny object that initially excites us, that we think will bring us joy, status, and belonging…and then ends up in a box collecting dust as soon as its 15 minutes of fame are over. 

The custom piece is timeless, invaluable. And when I help someone find that special piece that reflects who they truly are, they appreciate it forever. They reach for it on special occasions. They display it proudly on their vanity. They pass it down to their kids. It’s not just an object - it’s a representation of who they are. Mindfully chosen and deeply cherished. 

And what I particularly love about the idea of generational transfer is the unique reinvention that comes from redesign and restoration. No stone is “set in stone” and I love helping my clients transform a family heirloom to reflect their personal tastes, while still preserving the integrity of the piece itself.

So whether it’s an investment piece for you or a gift for a loved one, what I know for certain is this: 

Our deeper sense of appreciation comes from the effort that goes into individualization.

I can’t wait to help you find your unique, custom pieces that will be cherished for a lifetime and beyond.

Best wishes,

Shayne McCoy Hollander


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