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Laura Gallon



Laura Gallon

Born and raised in Paris, Laura Gallon carries a family heritage dating back to the 1920’s. It was back then that her great-grandparents established their jewelry store and workshop in Orléans, two hours South of the Parisian capital, to dedicate their lives to fine jewelry. 

With an extensive background in the fashion industry that took her from Paris to New York, Laura always had a strong interest in jewelry. This interest combined with her family heritage led her to create her own brand. 

Laura’s inspiration comes from her travels and unique experiences around the world. As a tribute to nature’s wonders, each piece has an elegant yet modern essence while honoring Laura’s family tradition. 

As a GIA-certified Gemologist, Laura Gallon places gemstones at the heart of all her creations and personally selects all of the gemstones featured in the jewelry. Her expert eye allows her to pick out vibrant natural gemstones of the finest color and clarity. 

After sketching out each piece, Laura works hand in hand with the workshops in France and Los Angeles where the pieces are handmade by experienced master jewelers. 

Always emphasizing savoir-faire, these handcrafted pieces represent the talent and skills of the expert hands that bring them to life. 


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